Ross, George

GEORGE ROSS (b. Feb. 2, 1832 Edinburgh Scotland, d. 1893 Petaluma, CA; active in Petaluma 1862-1893) Unlike the other 19th century Petaluma photographers, Ross lived in Petaluma for many years. Arriving in Petaluma in 1855 at age 23, he began his profession as a photographer in 1862, moving his studio within the city several times as noted on his various cdv imprints. In 1868 he was also part of a photographic studio partnership, Ross and Ormsby, on Main Street in Petaluma. Ross died in Petaluma and was buried in Cypress Hill Memorial Park in Petaluma. Palmquist, pgs. 461-463; Mautz, pg. 136. 

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