Decker & Decker

GEORGE ALEX DECKER (b.1888 New York City, d. 1943) & SHIRLEY G. DECKER (b. 1895 -?); Decker & Decker (active in Petaluma between 1926 and1954) The Deckers were expert photographers and owned one of the largest studios in the North Bay. Between 1926 and 1940 their studio was located at 170 Main Street in Petaluma. In 1942 the studio was moved to 129 Kentucky Street in Petaluma. George died in 1943 and Shirley continued to run the studio until 1954 when it was sold to Kenneth and Anna Grimm. The Deckers served Petaluma for 35 years.

Unfortunately, the PHL&M owns no portraits by this important, early photographer.