Healy, Edwin & Addie

EDWIN RUTHVEN HEALY b. 1856 Moscow, Iowa d. 1923) & ADDIE G. HEALY (b. Petaluma, California July 1860 -?); E. R. Healy Gallery (active in Petaluma 1896 -1905+) By 1879 E. R. Healy was working as a painter in Petaluma. In 1880 he moved to Alameda, California but returned to Petaluma in 1881 to marry Ada “Addie” Gossage, a native of Petaluma. They moved numerous times but returned to Petaluma by 1896 to open the Ground Floor Photography Studio at 816 1/2 Main Street. They ran the studio together until 1905 when Edwin decided to start a mining company. Addie continued to run the studio until 1908 when they departed Petaluma for Berkeley, California. They were both buried in Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Petaluma. Palmquist, Shadowcatchers, pgs. 111-112; Mautz pg. 109.

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