Noble & Fell

SKELTON STANFORD NOBLE (b. c. 1833 Missouri; active in Petaluma 1874-1876) Noble traveled throughout California staying in numerous communities for various amounts of time. He worked in Petaluma with A. W. Fell in the Noble & Fell partnership in 1874 and sometime after operated the studio by himself as the imprint of his cartes de visit replace “Noble & Fell’s” with simply “S. S. Noble, Sunbeam Gallery, Main Street, Petaluma, Cal. Next door to Wickersham’s & Co’s Bank.” Palmquist, pgs. 420-421; Mautz, pg. 99 and 128.

A. W. FELL (active in Petaluma 1874) Fell partnered with Skelton Stanford Noble in Nobel & Fell’s Sunbeam Gallery, Main Street, Petaluma, 1874. Palmquist, pgs. 420-421; Mautz, pg. 99.

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