Unidentified Girl 1994-633-40

George Ross’ Portrait Photograph of Unidentified girl, c. 1870-1873


Photographer: George Ross (b. Feb. 2, 1832 Edinburgh Scotland; d. ******, 1893 Petaluma, CA) 

Active in Petaluma: 1862-1893

Biographical Note: Unlike the other 19th century Petaluma photographers, Ross lived in Petaluma for many years.  Arriving in Petaluma in 1855 at age 23, he began his profession as a photographer in 1862, moving his studio within the city several times as noted on his various cdv imprints.  For a short time he was also part of a photographic studio partnership, Ross and Ormsby, on Main Street in Petaluma.  Ross died in Petaluma and was buried ******

Bibliography: Palmquist, pgs. 461-463; Mautz, pg.136.


Name(s): Unknown

Description: Carte de visite of a young unidentified girl toddler in an oval frame. The girl has on a white dress with a plaid bow tied around her waist, and is sitting on a studio prop blanket. There is a plaid bow in her hair as well. The rounded edges, oval frame, and the photographer's simple artwork date this photo to the early 1870's.

Biographical Note: add, augment

Family Affiliation:

Bibliography: Information on the photo's date and format gathered from Gary W. Clark's "19th Century Card Photos Kwik Guide" pgs. 19, 20, 47


Format / Size:  carte de visite, approximately 6.25 x 10.5 cm

Medium: albumen photographic print mounted on cardstock

Description, Obverse: (identify group or individual, gender(s); identify pose, furniture & props; describe composition, background, added color…)

Description, Reverse: (describe imprint, type text of any handwritten script)

Date: 1870-1873

Condition: (note tears, foxing, fading)

Owner:  Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 1994-633-40

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