Waugh, Lorenzo 1978-80-05

George Ross’ Portrait Photograph of Lorenzo Waugh, c. 1875 - 1880


Photographer: George Ross (b. Feb. 2, 1832 Edinburgh Scotland; d. ******, 1893 Petaluma, CA) 

Active in Petaluma: 1862-1893

Biographical Note: Unlike the other 19th century Petaluma photographers, Ross lived in Petaluma for many years. Arriving in Petaluma in 1855 at age 23, he began his profession as a photographer in 1862, moving his studio within the city several times as noted on his various cdv imprints.  For a short time he was also part of a photographic studio partnership, Ross and Ormsby, on Main Street in Petaluma. Ross died in Petaluma and was buried ******

Bibliography: Palmquist, pgs. 461-463; Mautz, pg.136. 


Name(s): Lorenzo Waugh

Description: Cabinet card of Lorenzo Waugh. Waugh is sitting on a fringed studio chair. He is wearing a three-piece suit, a bow tie, and with a chain hanging from his vest. He has a beard and is slightly balding. The fringed chair and Waugh's fashions date this photo to the late 1870s.

Biographical Note: Lorenzo Waugh was born on August 28, 1808, near Greenbrier River, West Virginia, in what is now Pocahontas County. In his youth he was acquainted with Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams, and other famous people from the early history of our country. At age 16, he was a teacher in Harrison County. In 1831, he entered the Methodist ministry and taught school in Mason County. Waugh married Clarissa Jane Edsel in 1841. When the health for both of them failed, they traveled over the plains in 1852 to California in an ox teams. Upon their arrival, Waugh experienced some ownership problems with the land upon which he settled. Eventually, General Vallejo presented him with 320 acres of land near Petaluma. (1515 Old Adobe Road) Vallejo has been quoted as saying, “Land is plenty. and it for us, and I have plenty of it yet.” Since no church had been built, their new home was made available for preaching, social and religious gatherings for all in the region.

Father Waugh headed the Petaluma temperance movement for many years. He helped organize the California Youth Association in 1859, and urged people to “shun the degrading, ruinous habits of using tobacco and intoxicating drink.” He built the first Methodist Church in Petaluma. He also published a 32-chapter autobiography, 1883, which had five printings

Rev. Waugh died on September 5, 1900

Family Affiliation:

Bibliography: http://bill-hammerman.blogs.petaluma360.com/13175/lest-we-forget-rev-lorenzo-waugh/ 


Format / Size:  cabinet card, approximately 10.75 x 16.5 cm

Medium: albumen photographic print mounted on cardstock

Description, Obverse: (identify group or individual, gender(s); identify pose, furniture & props; describe composition, background, added color…)

Description, Reverse: Lorenzo Waugh

Date: c. 1875 - 1880  

Condition: (note tears, foxing, fading)

Owner:  Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 1978-80-05

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