Unidentified Woman 1984-289-11

Noble & Fell’s Portrait Photograph of Unidentified Woman, 1874


Photographers: Skelton Sanford Noble and A. W. Fell

Active in Petaluma: 1874 as Noble & Fells, sometime thereafter until 1876 simply as S. S. Noble

Biographical Note: Noble traveled throughout California staying in numerous communities for various amounts of time. It appears that he worked with A. W. Fell in the Noble & Fell partnership in 1874 and sometime after operated the studio by himself as the imprint of his cartes de visit replace “Noble & Fell’s” with simply “S. S. Noble, Sunbeam Gallery, Main Street, Petaluma, Cal. Next door to Wickersham’s & Co’s Bank.”

Bibliography: Palmquist, pgs. 420-421; Mautz, pg.99 and 128.


Name(s): Unknown

Description: Carte de visite on an unidentified woman with a single border in an oval frame. The girl's hair is pulled back, half is loose, and she is wearing dangling earrings. She is wearing a dress with ruffled detailing across the chest, and chain hanging from her collar. There is a large white bow around her neck, with a chain hanging from it. The single border, oval frame, woman's fashion, and photographer's duration in Petaluma date the card to 1874.

Biographical Note: add, augment

Family Affiliation:

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Format / Size: carte de visite, approximately 6.25 x 10.5 cm

Medium: albumen photographic print mounted on cardstock

Description, Obverse: (identify group or individual, gender(s); identify pose, furniture & props; describe composition, background, added color…)

Description, Reverse: Noble & Fell’s Sunbeam Gallery, Main St., Petaluma, Next door to Wickersham & Co’s Bank.

Date: 1874

Condition: (note tears, foxing, fading)

Owner:  Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 1984-289-11

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