Johnson, Bryan R.

BRYAN R. JOHNSON (b. c. 1834 New York State; active in Petaluma c. 1863 - c.1867) Johnson worked as a daguerreotypist, ambrotypist and paper photographer in San Francesco, CA (c. 1856-1857); Benicia, CA (1858); Oakland, CA (1860) and Petaluma, CA (c.1863-1867). In 1863 he established “Johnson’s Premium Pioneer Photographic Gallery” in Doyle’s Block Building on Main  Street, Petaluma and in1864 relocated his studio to Petaluma’s Phoenix Block. He later returned to the Doyle’s Block this time over the Morris Cigar Store and his cartes de visite from this location bear the imprint, “From B. R. Johnson’s Photographic Establishment, Doyle’s Building, Main Street, Petaluma.” Johnson advertised himself as doing “First Class Work” and his studio as outfitted “in the most splendid style” featuring “the late improved frosted Lites, more generally used in the Eastern Cities.” In 1865 he studied the recent improvements in photography at the gallery of Mathew B. Brady in New York City and then returned to his Petaluma studio where he continued until at least 1867. Sometime in 1867 his studio was taken over by William Henry Lentz. Palmquist, pgs. 325-326; Mautz, pg. 114.

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