Unidentified Man 1979-425-03-LP24

E. R. Healy Gallery’s Portrait Photograph of Unidentified Man, c. 1896-190


Photographers: Edwin Ruthven Healy (b. 1856-1923) & Addie G.

Healy (b. Petaluma, California July 1860-?)

Active in Petaluma: 1896-1905+

Biographical Note: By 1879 E. R. Healy was working as a painter in Petaluma. In 1880 he moved to Alameda, California but returned to Petaluma in 1881 to marry Ada “Addie” Gossage, a native of Petaluma.  They moved numerous times but returned to Petaluma by 1896 to open the Ground Floor Photography Studio at 816 ½ Main Street.  They ran the studio together until 1905 when Edwin decided to start a mining company.  Addie continued to run the studio until 1908 when they departed Petaluma for Berkeley, California.  They were both buried in Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Petaluma. 

Bibliography: Palmquist, Shadowcatchers, pgs. 111-112; Mautz, pg. 109.


Name(s): Unidentified

Description: Cabinet card of a young man's bust.  He is wearing a suit with an upturned collar and bow tie.

Biographical Note: add, augment

Family Affiliation:

Bibliography: add, augment


Format / Size: cabinet card, size N/A

Medium: albumen photographic print mounted on cardstock

Description, Obverse: (identify group or individual, gender(s); identify pose, furniture & props; describe composition, background, added color…)

Description, Reverse: N/A

Date: c. 1896-1905

Condition: (note tears, foxing, fading)

Owner:  Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 1979-425-03-LP24

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